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How it works

  • We will meet to discuss expected and achievable rents and give advice on how to get the property ready for rental as soon as possible.
  • We Use High Standards of Digital Photography Advertising is key to the letting process and we use all the top property platforms eg :
  • It is a requirement that a Building Energy Rating Certificate is in place for most properties advertised for letting.
  • We thoroughly research our tenants and have a waiting list for new let properties.
  • Our prime objective is to get the right tenant suited to your property rental from the onset . A thorough check on all references will be carried out.
  • Once a suitable Tenant has been chosen, they will be required to pay a Deposit together with First Months Rent.
  • Tenancy Agreements will be drawn up and explained to Tenants on commencement of letting.
  • Inventory and Meter readings are carried out before new Tenants move into the property.
  • All properties must be registered with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), which Foley auctioneers will do.
  • A Direct Debit will be set up for your new Tenants monthly to Foley Auctioneers, which will then be forwarded immediately to your chosen bank account number.
  • We carry out 6 Week, 5 months, and 11 month inspections of the rental property.
  • Yearly Rent Reviews are carried out to make sure the Landlord is receiving accurate rent payments.
  • You will be contacted when the Tenancy Term comes to an end.
  • Should the existing Tenants wish to stay in the property, we will ask for your approval and once all is agreed we will then issue a new Tenancy Agreement to both you and the Tenant.
  • If the present Tenant is not renewing, we can re-advertise for new Tenants in the last month to reduce any vacancy period.
  • We will carry out a Final Inspection before any deposit is returned.

Property Maintenance

  • We have a full range of reliable tradesmen to carry out any work required at the property.
  • You will be contacted immediately should any work need to be carried out.
  • We have a Tenants support and Emergency line should your Tenants need to contact us 365 days a year for any Emergencies or queries they may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

The supply of rental property is at crisis level at the moment which is great for landlords. In general we are looking at 7-14 days.

When some properties are handed over to us for the first time they may require a considerable amount of work prior to the letting of the property.

Building Energy Rating (Ber) is valid for 10 Years – Price is 195.00 euro.
Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) registration (valid for four years with same Tenant) – Price is 90.00 euro. Minimum Safety Standards (mainly window restrictors, fire blanket, smoke and carbon detector alarms). Purchasing furniture, replacing mattresses and electrical appliances etc.
Painting and upkeep of property.

Yes, We can leave it open and advertise property as unfurnished and see what options we have for viewings.

New Tenants 6 months with a view to continue to 12 months. Lease will be 12 months thereafter if they wish to continue renting property.

The deposit is equivalent to the First Months Rent. It is held by Foley Auctioneers unless otherwise requested by Landlord. A full inspection will be done on property before Tenants depart and we then decide if deposit is to be returned.

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