Commissioner of Oaths

Oliver Farrell is authorised to act as a Commissioner of Oaths and as such can verify affidavits and statutory declarations for court proceedings and other legal documents. An affidavit is a statement in writing and on oath, and statutory declarations are written statements of facts that a person signs and declares to be true.

Functions of a Commissioner of Oaths

  • Ensure that all evidence is in written form. (The Draft affidavit)
  • Establish that the person before they have read the affidavit completely understands the contents.
  • Required to ensure the person swears that the affidavit is true by raising their right hand and swearing on the appropriate Testament with the words of the oath.
  • Complete the “Jurat” which verifies that the affidavit was properly sworn on.
  • To charge an appropriate fee for the service.
  • There is a small fee for the service.

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