6 Things To Maximise Kerb Appeal

When trying to sell your home first impressions count.  From the moment they pull up in the car they are judging the property by their first impressions, so if a potential buyer is underwhelmed before they step into your home then you are already at a disadvantage.  With not much effort, every home can be made to look attractive to prospective buyers.  The aim is to have a bright welcoming first impression.  

Here are some tips and advice on how to make an immediate impact :  

Put yourself in the buyers shoes :  
Assess your home from the outside and be critical.  Treat it like you were visiting someones home and take a list with what you think needs immediate attention.  There is nothing like a good clean driveway and newly painted front of building when people arrive and gutters windows etc are clean.  

Put a new lick of paint on your Front Door :  
This is invaluable it would be no harm to change the colour in line with current trends as this will show to potential buyers that the house is on trend and that you are house proud and keep the property in good order.  

Tidy Lawn :  
If you have a front garden be sure to have your lawns mowed and any weeds removed.  Have a good clean maintained front garden, potted plants on either side of your front door gives a home a nice balance.  Windows boxes can be a good attractive addition to an older property.  

Back Garden Magic :  
Most people have the dream of lounging in their back Garden on wonderful sunny days and eating with their family and friends.  People love to walk into a back garden that really nowadays can be classed as another entertaining space.  Why not put some work into the garden before you put your house up for sale to create a clean luxurious 
space that potential buyers can envisage themselves in. This can be done quite cheaply by just cleaning up the lawn and shrubs.  Also it can be a great idea to source items from salvage yards etc to put a trendy spin on things.  A large wooden spool for example for holding industrial wiring can be spray painted and used as a very efficient table.  Things like this can be sourced a lot of times for free.  Companies are only happy to get rid of them.  These types of items can create charm and a lovely vintage feel to a garden and for hardly any cost.  Be creative and imaginative without spending a lot.  

That Old Cliche :  
It has been said that the smell of baking or freshly brewed coffee can be a draw for people.  I would have to agree.  You might yourself think there is nothing like getting home of an evening to the smell of something cooking in the kitchen.  That smell of home and comfort!!!

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